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Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart attack, strokes, heart failure and kidney disease in Canada and one in five British Columbians have hypertension. More research is needed to figure out the best ways to control high blood pressure and to help patients gain better control of the risk factors that cause hypertension. 

Under the leadership of Nadia Khan MD, Executive member of Hypertension Canada, Canadian Hypertension Education Program guideline member, the Hypertension Clinic research program is investigating best evidence approaches to detecting and controlling blood pressure. Our hypertension specialists, cardiologists and nephrologists are investigating antihypertensive medication taking behaviours, tracking population trends in severe hypertension in BC, and several promising new technologies for patients with refractory hypertension.

The Hypertension Clinic research program also aims to evaluate innovative strategies in health care delivery, virtual hypertension learning centres and e-lifestyle behaviour programs to deliver best evidence care for patients with severe hypertension.