Hypertension matters. It is not a silent illness.


Mission Statement: To improve the lives of British Columbians with high blood pressure through individualized care, clinical innovation, research and education.

About Us

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Hypertension Clinic at the SPH Rapid Access Specialist Clinic/Royal Columbian Hypertension Clinic. We are a group of General Internists from the UBC Division of General Internal Medicine committed to improving HTN care in British Columbia.

We have 3 goals:

Quality Patient Care in Hypertension:
We hope to collaborate and build a strong working relationship with our referring physicians, improving the HTN care of our shared patients.

Medical Education in Hypertension:
We are in the privileged position of training many medical students, family practice residents and medical residents in our ambulatory medicine training clinic at SPH/RAC. We aim to educate all of our trainees about HTN care, giving the trainee skills to take with them and use in their own practice, regardless of their career path.

Clinical Outcomes Research in Hypertension:
We have partnered with our General Internal Medicine divisional research team and, lead by Dr. Nadia Khan, we will be advancing our ambulatory clinical teaching research unit.

We are open to seeing anyone with HTN. Our expertise lies in the resistant HTN patient population. We would welcome your referral, but can also provide telephone consultation to clinicians.